Sassy Angel’s Secret Sin Novel by Joy Summers

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Sassy Angel’s Secret Sin Novel Summary.

“I want a divorce!” Angela said, staring at her young and handsome husband with her head high. “You had the nerve to tell me that? Fine! Who wants to stay married to an ugly and stupid woman?”

Sky Mars scoffed, looking at her from head to toe. “How much do you want from me?” He asked, thinking she only married him for his money. “I don’t need your money, Sky. Only that,” Angela pointed at the beautiful handmade quilt on the bed.

“Not only you’re ugly and stupid, but you’re also crazy. Take this, sign the divorce papers, and don’t ever come back,” He took the blue peacock design comforter on the bed, throwing it at her.

She picked up the quilt that landed on the floor and turned her back on him, hugging the soft fabric as she walked toward the door. She did not bother correcting him that she was not ugly and stupid, but crazy? Maybe.

She was probably insane falling in love with Sky, that not only the name and status is beyond her reach but also his heart.

Sassy Angel's Secret Sin Novel by Joy Summers
Sassy Angel’s Secret Sin Novel by Joy Summers

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