Salve Regina Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

This school’s admissions are a little selective due to the Salve Regina Acceptance rate.

Since Salve Regina’s acceptance rate is 75%, there will be fierce competition for your admittance. 

Make every effort to differentiate your application so you will defeat the high Salve Regina Acceptance rate.

The amount of interaction between faculty and students at a college or university is frequently gauge using the student-faculty ratio. 

Salve Regina University’s ratio of 13 to 1 is comparable to the 15 to 1 national average, which is rather good.

The number of full-time professors is another indicator frequently used to determine how much access students will have to their instructors.

Furthermore, Part-time instructors are suppose to be less accessible to students than full-time academics because they often spend less time on campus. 

Lastly, 93% of the faculty at Salve Regina University work full-time. 

What to know About Salve Regina in 2023?

Salve Regina is a thriving learning environment where ethical responsibility and intellectual curiosity coexist. 

Programs in the professional and liberal arts fields provide countless chances for academic challenges and development. 

The knowledge and critical thinking abilities men and women need to thrive are developed through small classes, committed professors, and challenging coursework. 

The same factors that draw American students to Salve Regina University—great tuition, a terrific location, and exciting extracurricular activities—also draw international students. 

In addition, Smaller class sizes provide intimate teacher engagement and a better learning environment.

Students can pursue various academic programs, including combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees, internships, research opportunities, study abroad opportunities, and engineering partnerships with Washington University in St. Louis. 

Moreover, the esteemed faculty at Salve Regina has expertise in various academic disciplines through teaching, research, and practical experience.

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What is the Salve Regina Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate at Salve Regina University is 76.2%. In other words, 76 of the 100 applicants were accepted. 

The school is, therefore, not selective. You have a good chance of getting in if your performance is above average. 

You have a great chance of getting into this non-selective institution if you don’t perform significantly below average. 

Aim for 1080 SAT or above to increase your chances of receiving an admissions offer. 

However, if your score falls short, you can be one of the unlucky ones who is turned down.

Notably, Rhode Island has the fifth-lowest acceptance rate. 

If you match the standards, you have a good chance of getting accepted to Salve Regina University, which has a fairly demanding admissions process. 

3,710 of the 4,972 applicants were accepted last year. 

Also, high school students with a GPA of 3.45 and a “B+” average are frequently admitted to and drawn to Salve Regina University. 

Furthermore, most first-year students finish in the top half of their class. 

15% of those who were admitted chose to enrol in the institution.

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What is the Salve Regina Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

2019 saw 162 transfer students accepted by Salve Regina University. The school admitted 106 pupils. 

Salve Regina University’s acceptance rate for transfers is thus 65.43%. This demonstrates how challenging transferring to Salve Regina University is. 

Salve Regina University’s transfer acceptance rate is 66 per cent, making it a fairly open institution. 

Students who achieve the institution’s SAT/ACT scores and GPA requirements are likely to be accepted. 

The admissions procedure at this college is rigorous and includes a variety of academic tests. 

Also, Candidates are required to complete the online application. 

Moreover, your candidacy may be supported by a compelling essay, excellent letters of recommendation, participation in student organizations, and taking on a demanding course load.

Even though a student’s GPA is outside the acceptable range for the admissions committee, they may still be given serious consideration if they have exceptional abilities and achievements.

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Is Salve Regina Hard to get into?

The admittance rate at Salve Regina University is 76.2%. 76 out of every 100 applications are chosen. 

This indicates that the school is either somewhat easy or selective. 

The school will set the expected GPA, and SAT/ACT score requirements. 

You’ll almost probably get an offer of admission if you match their prerequisites. Still, if Salve Regina University doesn’t accept you, you’ll be one of the unfortunate ones who gets rejected. 

You have a great chance of getting into this non-selective institution if you don’t perform significantly below average. 

Therefore, aim for a 1080 SAT or above to increase your chances of receiving an admissions offer. 

However, if your score falls short, you can be one of the unlucky ones who is turned down.

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Does Salve Regina Require Test Scores?

The requirements for standardized tests differ from school to school. 

Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many also require the SAT subject tests. 

You must take the SAT or ACT if you want to apply. 

More importantly, success is necessary for a strong application.

Salve Regina SAT Requirements

Salve Regina University’s SAT composite average is 1155. The new SAT score has a 25th percentile of 1080 and a 75th percentile of 1230. 

So, if you have 1080, you are below average; if you have 1230, you are over average. 

Salve Regina ACT Requirements

The typical ACT range for applicants to Salve is an ACT range of 22–27. 

 What are the Admission Requirements for Salve Regina in 2023?

Postgraduate applications must be submitted using the university’s application portal, while applications from international undergraduate students must be submitted via the Common Application. 

The admission requirements are stated below;

  • Application Fee: not compulsory 
  • International students entry requirements 
  • Official records of all institutes of higher learning previously attended. 
  • Evaluations of English language competency exams 
  • Two recommendation letters 
  • Exam, diploma, or certificate results from a national examination (if any) 
  • The most recent bank statement or financial statement. 
  • A passport photocopy. 
  • SAT/ACT results (optional) 
  • Some departmental requirements, such as a portfolio, apply for applicants to creative studio positions. 
  • The outcome of the English proficiency test for international students 

In addition, it will be necessary for all overseas applicants whose native tongue is not English to demonstrate their fluency in the English language by giving the results of the IELTS, TOEFL, or any other test.

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Transfer Requirements for Salve Regina

The transfer requirements for Salve Regina are;

  • Official transcripts are necessary, including those from each institution or university attended and the official transcript from high school. 
  • Results on the SAT are optional, as are ACT scores. Applications for nursing and education must include official exam results if the applicant has less than 30 college credits. 
  • Reference letters: You’ll need two letters of support (at least one must be from a college professor). 
  • Essay: A report from an authorized college representative must be provided with a personal essay. 
  • Application fee: The application fee is $50. 
  • Additional specifications: You must submit a list of the courses you have taken that are not on your transcript.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into Salve Regina in 2023?

Salve Regina University’s average GPA is 3.41. 

As a result, Salve Regina University’s GPA is just somewhat competitive. 

Salve Regina University requires you to be roughly average in your high school class with a 3.41 GPA. 

Notably, a mixture of “A” and “B,” with very little “C,” will be required. 

If you have completed AP or IB classes, your weighted GPA will go up, and you will be able to enrol in college courses. 

Changing your GPA moving forward will be challenging if you are junior or senior. 

However, you’ll need a higher SAT score to make up for it and demonstrate that you’re prepared to compete with college professors if your high school GPA is at or below 3.41 GPA.

This will give you a competitive advantage over other applicants.

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How to Apply to Salve Regina

Salve Regina University has a relatively selective admissions procedure, accepting less than 75% of applications. 

Salve Regina, however, has a holistic admissions procedure, does not need testing, and admissions decisions are not made purely based on data. 

Your application can be strengthen by a quality essay, strong letters of recommendation, involvement in worthwhile extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load. 

In addition to students who demonstrate promise in the classroom, the college seeks students who will significantly contribute to the campus community.

Even if a student’s grades and test scores are below the Salve Regina average range, they may still have significant consideration if they have awe-inspiring tales or accomplishments. 

Keep in mind that Salve Regina’s nursing program is quite competitive. 

Standardized test scores and grade point averages of successful applicants to the nursing program are higher than the range for the school.

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Alternatives to Salve Regina

  • Morgan State University
  • Temple University 
  • Kean University
  • Montclair State University
  • Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania 
  • Salem State University 
  • Roger Williams University
  • Stonehill College
  • Endicott College
  • Fairfield University 
  • Bryant University 

What Is The Salve Regina University’s Median SAT Composite Score? 

Salve Regina University’s SAT composite average is 1155. The new SAT score has a 25th percentile of 1080 and a 75th percentile of 1230. 

So, if you have 1080, you are below average; if you have 1230, you are over average. 

Salve Regina University does not have a strict SAT requirement. However, they want applicants to have at least 1080

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What Is the Graduation Rate at Salve Regina University? 

Graduates who complete their degrees in less than four years are on time. 

67% of first-time, full-time students at Salve Regina graduate on time. 

Considering the 33.3% national average, that’s excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they provide financial aid at Salve Regina University? 

Salve Regina University satisfies 70.6% of students with proven financial needs. 
Financial aid for full-time first-year students at Salve Regina University averages $28,902 annually. 
Students who borrowed money for college in the Class of 2021 graduated with an average debt of $47,467. 
To put that amount into perspective, contrast that with the average national debt, which is roughly $36,000 per borrower.

What Is the Salve Regina University Retention Rate for New Students? 

Salve Regina University boasts an 83% retention rate for new students. 
This is a positive indication that full-time students like the institution and their instructors enough to desire to continue attending for another year. 
Additionally, it shows that the admissions committee did an excellent job choosing candidates who would fit in well at the institution.

Is Salve Regina difficult to enter? 

Admission to Salve is somewhat selective, with a 75% acceptance rate. 
The typical SAT range for applicants to Salve is 1020–1190 or an ACT range of 22–27. 
The deadline for Salve’s regular admissions applications is February 1. Students can apply for early action and early decision if they are interested.

Do pupils favour Salve Regina? 

One hundred per cent of those polled said they’d tell a friend about Salve Regina. 
One of the students stated, “I adore going to Salve Regina. “There are many different majors, and the campus is lovely. The lessons are engaging and difficult.

What criteria does Salve Regina use? 

Your high school transcript, standardized test results, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities are just a few of the things we look into. 
We choose students who academically and personally fit Salve Regina by weighing all of these aspects.


A private Catholic institution, Salve Regina University, has a 74% acceptance rate. 

Standardized testing is an option at the university.

Although most applicants to Salve Regina are not required to submit SAT or ACT results, they are welcome. 

Like homeschooled kids, applicants to nursing and education programs offered at schools must submit their test results. 

For accepted students, Salve Regina does not release SAT or ACT results.

Also, Salve Regina does not request a separate written SAT or ACT section from applicants who prefer to submit test results. 

The school participates in the score choice program for students submitting SAT scores. Thus the admissions office will consider your greatest score from each section for all SAT dates. 

Finally, Salve Regina does not raise ACT scores for applicants; your highest ACT composite score will be taken into account.


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