Salvatore Saga Novel

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Salvatore Saga Novel Summary

This is my story, my memoirs. My life over several centuries has been good times, bad times, and times I could forget. This is a story about life as a multiple. My life as the most unique being in the universe, the unkillable, resilient, superbeing, but I am not invincible; I can get hurt, sick, or even die, but I will revive.

This is the story of loss, love, growth, my history, my life, but also the life and growth of our pack. My experiences, tragedy, victories, and good times are an epic love story of Damon Salvatore, my husband, friend, confidant, and me. But I do have other men in my life too, important ones, just like Damon has Mariella, his soulmate too.

Salvatore Saga Novel
Salvatore Saga Novel

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