Sacrificed to her King Novel by Meike Snoeijs

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Sacrificed to her King Novel Summary.

He needed to break his curse, she needed an escape. Once magic was the heart that made the Mortal Realm thrive.

Nowadays humans with magical powers only exist in stories. For Noelle magic and adventures only exist in her dreams. But that is all about to change because she is about to turn 18.

When she is 18 she can finally explore the world and have adventures of her own! However, things do not go as planned on her birthday.

She gets selected to be sacrificed to the King of the Sea. He is rumored to be a giant man with no kindness in his heart. Every year, the King of the Sea picks an 18-year-old virgin to bring to his kingdom.

He hopes to find the long-lost heir to the witches to break his curse. Noelle has no idea why she got chosen and what will happen.

However, she sure as hell knows that no one can put out the fire in her heart. She gets sucked into a world of magic, temptation, and desires. Will she find her destiny or get lost along the way?

Sacrificed to her King Novel by Meike Snoeijs
Sacrificed to her King Novel by Meike Snoeijs

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