Ruined(Eternal Monarch) Novel by Favor V April

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Ruined(Eternal Monarch) by Favor V April.

Ruined(Eternal Monarch) Novel Summary.

An orphan raised by the omegas of the pack, her mate got her pregnant and started to abuse her until she lost her wolf and became mute.

Her mate took a chosen luna and left because she couldn’t shift into a wolf. After she had lost everything, they threw her back out on the streets.

The streets were where she came from in the first place. However, when Juno leaves the pack, she curses her mate. Will the moon goddess have mercy on her?

What would happen if her true identity was discovered? What course of action will she take when she discovers that the person she believed to be her mate is not, in fact, her mate?

When the king discovers that Juno is mute, will he still accept her as his mate? And what about when he discovers she has given birth to a child by someone else? What will happen when Alex finds out that Juno’s curse lived?

Will he go looking for his luna or will he remain childless with his chosen mate? What will Alex do when he finds out that Juno is now the queen of all supernaturals?

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Will Alex Fight the King to win his Luna back or will he meet his death before he can even try? Find out more on this twisted fate story.

Ruined(Eternal Monarch) Novel by Favor V April
Ruined(Eternal Monarch) Novel by Favor V April

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