Royal Wedding Novel by Rehana Siraj

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Royal Wedding Novel Summary.

Clara, a beautiful girl with so many dreams and ambitions was forced to marry a guy who was supposed to be her brother in law.

How can she accept this truth and move on in her life especially when she has no interest to get involve in this marriage or love.

All she wanted is to get independant and leave her father. Alex on the other hand, neither believes in marriage not in love.

For him, it’s just a meeting where he is supposed to answer them with ‘I do’ and it will be over. That’s what he thought.

But will he be able to stay unaffected if that bundle of surprises crashes down in his life unexpectedly?. Poles apart but they are in same side when it comes to attitude.

The story doesn’t even begin here when Sandy Williams gets into the picture to spoil everything Alex is having today.

And Clara is his first target. Rose Fernandez who was broken once completely by Sandy, is now at the edge when he came back to their life.

A story of revenge which was filled with love. A story of love to have a beautiful revenge. Either way, they are destined for each other.

Royal Wedding Novel by Rehana Siraj
Royal Wedding Novel by Rehana Siraj

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