Roses for Juliet Novel by Valerie Gaumont

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, Roses for Juliet by Valerie Gaumont.

Roses for Juliet Novel Summary.

When life became too painful Steve walked out and became someone new. For years he buried all of the details of his life and spent his time dealing with the unpleasant details of others.

It is a trait others have come to rely on. Steve Roberts became the man who could fix any problem. So when Nick turns up with a dead girl in his bed, Steve is the first one he calls.

Getting rid of the body however, proves to be the easy part. Too much about the girl reminds Steve of his own long buried past.

Now the past has caught up with him and his carefully crafted world is coming apart at the seams. Can Steve survive the unraveling?

Roses for Juliet Novel by Valerie Gaumont
Roses for Juliet Novel by Valerie Gaumont

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