Rosachae Novel by Powerfull

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Rosachae Novel Summary.

Living alone after being left by her foster parents, having no friends, and not remembering her childhood, that’s a brief glimpse into Chairey’s life.

The girl who enjoys rain, chocolate mint ice cream, and mystery novels never knew who her biological parents were and never wanted to know.

Currently, the most important desire for Chairey is to have a friend. Her simple life suddenly changes due to an old cellphone she finds in the library.

The introduction to two men named Rei and Zen leads Chairey into the dark underbelly of life. Coincidentally, Zen, the mysterious guy involved in an illegal syndicate who captures Chairey’s interest, shares a similar aspect:

he doesn’t remember his childhood either. Slowly, the mysteries surrounding Chairey and Zen’s pasts begin to unravel, especially when a girl with a similar face to Chairey’s suddenly appears before them.

Rosachae Novel by Powerfull
Rosachae Novel by Powerfull

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