Rogue Villain Novel

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Rogue Villain Novel Summary

Waking up after a traffic accident, a young man realizes that he might have transmigrated into the world of one of his favorite stories, which isn’t all bad. Except for a couple of things.

The world and everyone on it gets destroyed at the end of the story.
He has transmigrated into the body of Ackster Phileam, an infamous roadside pebble antagonist who gets killed by the original Hero of the story a week after meeting The Hero.
And half that week has already passed.

The story is pretty slow-paced, especially the first decent batch of chapters. But if you’re intrigued by the story but not the abundance of words, check out the chapter 1-56 summary. It will be full of spoilers, but just consider it a prologue.

Rogue Villain Novel
Rogue Villain Novel

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