Road to the Crown by MotivatedSloth

Road to the Crown is a historical novel by MotivatedSloth that follows the journey of a gamer who is transported to a medieval world and forced to play the role of a noble. 

Summary of Road to the Crown 

The story begins with the protagonist, a young man who enjoys playing video games and eating junk food, tripping on the stairs and finding himself in a throne room watching a king’s coronation. He soon realizes, befuddled and disoriented, that he has been transported to a medieval world where he must navigate the perilous waters of political marriage, war, and royal intrigue.

He realizes that he is not in a game, but in the real world, where his actions have real consequences.

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Road to the Crown by MotivatedSloth
Road to the Crown by MotivatedSloth

Regardless of the difficulties he faces, the protagonist never loses sight of his ultimate goal: to return home. He forms alliances with powerful figures, becomes embroiled in royal intrigues, and even falls in love along the way.

Road to the Crown is an engaging and well-written novel that combines historical, gaming, and romance elements. The author’s use of language and attention to detail create a vivid and immersive world that captivates the reader.

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This is a must-read for fans of historical fiction and anyone who enjoys a good adventure.

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