Rise of the She-Wolf Novel by Meike Snoeijs

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Rise of the She-Wolf by Meike Snoeijs.

Rise of the She-Wolf Novel Summary.

Vanessa has known a hard and lonely life. Born with eyes as light as the moon reflection itself many believe her to be cursed by the Moon Goddess.

Living in the shadows of her pack she had learned to pick up on details others would ignore. The only company for her sharp mind was her impulsive and hot-headed wolf Spirit.

Together they had watched many mating ceremonies and this year she would be secluded again. However, an unexpected visit changes her life drastically.

Vanessa gets chosen to work for the mighty leading Italian wolf pack run by Alpha Don Lorenzo. She gets sucked into a world of violence, crime, and male privilege.

Due to the courage of her wolf and her sharp mind, Vanessa finds her way into the new pack and realizes she is done with living in the shadows.

She decides it is time for the world to feel the power of the She-Wolf.

Rise of the She-Wolf Novel by Meike Snoeijs
Rise of the She-Wolf Novel by Meike Snoeijs

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