Rich Young Mate Novel by Rodah

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Rich Young Mate Novel Summary.

RICH YOUNG MATE BLURB Amelia was a young and beautiful lady known around the pack for being wealthy.

She was a respected female neurosurgeon at a big hospital located in the middle of a three-pack built by three Alpha who are close friends.

While driving home one fateful night, she came in contact with a motorcycle rider and felt the spark between them.

She met Damon, her mate and he claimed her instantly. What happens when Amelia’s fate is tied with the three friend’s children? How will she be able to overcome the hate and jealousy from her colleagues?

What secrets were revealed when she found her mate Damon, who is the son of an Alpha among the three friends?

Rich Young Mate Novel by Rodah
Rich Young Mate Novel by Rodah

Rich Young Mate Free Online Novel.

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