Ricardo’s Revenge Novel by Zelda Blair

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Ricardo’s Revenge Novel Summary.

“Please, don’t kill me…. Please..” she pleaded, trying to grasp fragments of her breath as she stared at the lifeless body and pool of blood before her in fright.

“Jason, she might be a good toy for the night, what do you think?” One of the men asked his colleague, stretching strands of his beards.

“You must be insane. Have you forgotten the mission statement?” Jason asked and he scratched his head. “Pretty girl, I’m sorry” he said, squatting to the level of the girl who trembled on the floor.

“Anyone who sees the hit, goes down with the target” one of them said coldly from behind and the next moment, a bullet hole was formed between her brows as her body convulsed.

Ricardo's Revenge Novel by Zelda Blair
Ricardo’s Revenge Novel by Zelda Blair

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