Revenge of the Richest Man by Darb Jahan

Revenge of the Richest Man by Darb Jahan takes readers on a roller-coaster journey through the life of Farris, a man who was once scorned and belittled by the Chen family. However, fate has something extraordinary in store for him, as a sudden twist of events changes his life forever.

Revenge of the Richest Man Summary

For five years, Farris was despised by the Chen family. Everyone in the Chen family thought that they could walk all over him, and his mother-in-law even wanted her daughter to divorce him.

His wife was the only one who always appreciated him and stayed by his side. Farris just wanted to hold her hand and give her the whole world.

One day, in order to rebuild the welfare house where he had grown up, he swallowed his self-respect and asked the Chen family to lend him some money. But all he got in return for his request was their endless ridicule and abuse.

Unexpectedly, his biological father contacted him out of the blue and gave him five hundred billion dollars as his inheritance! In an instant, the luxury hotels and sports cars that countless people dreamed of became his property.

It made his mother-in-law beg, “Farris, please don’t leave my daughter!”

Even the old lady who was the head of the Chen family knelt in front of him. “Farris, you’re the only one who can make the Chen family prosper. Please help us.”

Revenge of the Richest Man by Darb Jahan
Revenge of the Richest Man by Darb Jahan.

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