Revenge Of The Half Blood Vampire Novel by Ellakor

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Revenge Of The Half Blood Vampire Novel Summary.

Cliff always felt his life was different from others. He was always locked up in a dark room with barely any light by his mother.

He also can’t eat the food that other people usually eat, just smelling the food, he will be nauseous and vomits.

Only blood can be his food. He was surprised because his skin would burn if exposed to sunlight. He doesn’t understand life. Once upon a time, Cliff went to the forbidden forest at the request of his mother in a will.

It was there that he met a man who claimed to be his father. Cliff could hardly believe it when he found out that he was a half-blood vampire, because his father was a pure-blood vampire.

At his father’s invitation, he lives with his father’s family which is none other than a noble vampire family. Cliff’s suffering is getting worse because he is not recognized by his new family, he is considered a family disgrace.

His life gets more complicated when he falls in love with his brother’s fiancé. However, a tragedy has changed Cliff’s life. Now, his heart is full of hatred and revenge. He decides to become a vampire hunter.

He was determined to eradicate all vampires under the Dawson Clan bloodline, even though in the end he had to kill his father who was the leader of the Dawson Clan.

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Follow the story of Cliff Dawson, a half-blood vampire who experiences all kinds of suffering and his ambition to destroy his clan.

Revenge Of The Half Blood Vampire Novel by Ellakor
Revenge Of The Half Blood Vampire Novel by Ellakor

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