Replaying the Apocalypse Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled Replaying the Apocalypse Novel.

Replaying the Apocalypse Novel Summary

The day before the end of the world as humans knew it, Leo suddenly awakes with a start in his college classroom.

He had returned from the future!

Reborn with the memories of the past and the determination to thrive after the worlds end, Leo prepares to embark on a journey completely opposite of that which he suffered through before!

With conviction, determination, and a hardened mentality from years of death and destruction, Leo will grow as an individual and a leader into what he thinks he wants and what the world really needs!

The novel will contain sexual content. (No NTR, No Incest, No Grape)

I have ready many novels on this site that contain R18 content and most of them end up lacking in the story content at some point.

This novel is an attempt to blend the two more seamlessly and I do hope you give it a shot.

Replaying the Apocalypse Novel
Replaying the Apocalypse Novel

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