Renegade Jenny Novel

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Renegade Jenny Novel Summary

Policewoman dies upholding her values that have been passed on by her mentor and is reincarnated in the world of Pokémon with no cheats and knowledge of the games or anime but even that had not been that helpful to her in her new duties.

After many losses of her Pokémon, many injuries, and finally death, she somehow finds herself back to the time of the officer exams where she received her first Pokémon.

Twice engulfed in flames, twice dying for the cause and facing hardships but before her second death, she declared. ‘No more! If I survive this then I will no longer live like this!’

When she awoke, she decided to no longer stick to her principles that were taught to her by her mentor as it only brought her pain and she did not receive what she had earned through her self sacrifice.

Renegade Jenny Novel
Renegade Jenny Novel

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