Reincarnated at Level Two Million Novel

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Reincarnated at Level Two Million Novel Summary

Current Update Schedule: 1-2 Chapters a week. Currently focusing on the Fantasy Carnival. My entry is called What?! I am the Reincarnation of the Magi King?! Please support it!

*Volume 1 has been completed*

Gary’s retirement was supposed to be a joyous event. Now he must start over in a new world. The only hitch is God messed up and made his way overpowered. Will he be able to live a normal life with a level of 2,000,000 when the average level of the planet is 15?!

This is my first attempt at writing again since my father’s cancer was found. I hope that I am able to still write at the level you all find enjoyable. Making you the reader happy has always been one of my greatest joys and I hope it can lift me out of this difficult time.

A word of warning before you partake in the tale. This is not a harem. This is not about some edge lord. This is a tale of an ordinary man who was forced into extraordinary events. It’s a tale of a journey from being a simple yes man (some would say beta) to becoming more assertive.

The main character gets abused a lot in this book, just a warning in advance since that offends some people. That is what is required to push him to become more assertive… regardless thanks for reading, I read every chapter comment and independent paragraph comment, and I don’t get notifications about replies.

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Another notice: Please don’t try to apply the logic of Earth to the characters in this book, it is a different universe with different behaviors and rules…

Reincarnated at Level Two Million Novel
Reincarnated at Level Two Million Novel

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