Redeeming 6 Novel by Chloe Walsh

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Redeeming 6 Novel Summary.

With his world unraveling around him, and pressure rising at home, Joey Lynch’s life has never been in more turmoil. Desperate to prove himself worthy of the only person he’s ever put his trust in, Joey fights to stay away from a world that threatens to destroy everything. But with the odds stacking against him by the day, can he keep his head above water?

Unwilling to give up on the boy she loves, Aoife Molloy fights to save her best friend from the edge of self-destruction. Drowning in a world she doesn’t understand, with only her heart to guide her, Aoife refuses to turn her back on Joey, no matter how badly the odds are stacked against them.

Through heartbreak and horror, Aoife and Joey have had each others backs, and this time is no different.

Redeeming 6 Novel by Chloe Walsh
Redeeming 6 Novel by Chloe Walsh

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