Reborn: His Scarlet Moon Novel by Frost

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Reborn: His Scarlet Moon Novel Summary.

He wished to burn in front of her throne, His heart craved only her poison. *** Ryan Bane was the Alpha who was left with only two surviving members from his ancient pack .

He consented to be the adopted son of the Mafia king as he resembled his dead father and also because he needed to blend into the twenty first century.

He was ruthless, he was fierce, a rogue womanizing machine. Sherry was a child with a very disturbing past. She lived beside the dump yard with her dying father.

One fated night the two meet again after what would be centuries. Ryan starts walking down the same path that he had sworn never to tread again.

Towards that poison ivy which had caused the downfall of his entire empire.

Reborn: His Scarlet Moon Novel by Frost
Reborn: His Scarlet Moon Novel by Frost

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