Reborn A Dazzling Girl Novel by Kirk Akcay

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Reborn A Dazzling Girl Novel Summary.

Emberly, an esteemed scientist of the Imperial Federation, took her own life after completing important research.

She was reborn, and just like in her first life, she was born into a wealthy family. She could’ve lived a carefree and prosperous life.

However, the babies got mixed up in the hospital and she was taken home by another family from the countryside. Her foster parents later found out the truth and brought her to her real family,

but they didn’t like her. Her evil adopted sister even loathed her. She was framed and ultimately, she died in prison. But in her next life, she refused to stay a coward and swore she would take revenge on all who wronged her.

She would only care about those who were truly good to her and turn a blind eye to her heartless family. In one life, she had once experienced darkness and been trampled upon like an ant. In another, she had stood on top of the world.

This time, she only wished to live for herself. As if a switch had gone on inside of her, she suddenly became the best at everything she put her mind to. He won the math contest, topped the college entrance exams, and solved an age old question… Later, she garnered countless scientific research achievements.

People who had once slandered her and looked down on her cried bitterly and begged her for a patent authorization. She just sneered at them. No way! This was a world without faith, but the world put their faith in her. Austin, the heir to a powerful aristocratic family in the imperial capital, was cold-hearted and decisive. He scared anyone who laid eyes on him.

Unbeknownst to everyone, he doted on one woman: Emberly. Nobody knew that his desire for her grew stronger with every passing day. She brought light to his originally dull and gloomy life.

Reborn A Dazzling Girl Novel by Kirk Akcay
Reborn A Dazzling Girl Novel by Kirk Akcay

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