Goodbye, My Love by Axel Bob Online novel

Discover a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and redemption in “Goodbye, My Love” by Axel Bob.

This novel takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they delve into the complex world of Loraine and Marco. Prepare to be enthralled by the twists and turns that unfold in this gripping story.

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Goodbye, My Love Summary

Loraine had always been a devoted wife to Marco, enduring his mistreatment for three long years. Despite her unwavering loyalty, Marco remained cold-hearted and unappreciative of her efforts. Finally reaching her breaking point, Loraine decided to take a stand and demanded a divorce, leaving Marco to revel in his affair with his mistress.

The decision shocked the elite circles they moved in, leading to scorn and disbelief. Many questioned Loraine’s sanity, unable to comprehend why she would willingly sever ties with a wealthy and powerful spouse. Loraine, however, had a hidden agenda—an inheritance worth billions awaited her back home, and her love for Marco had long since faded.

Mocked and laughed at, Loraine’s motives were dismissed as delusional fantasies. But the following day, reality struck hard. News spread like wildfire, announcing Loraine as the world’s youngest female billionaire. Her intentions were finally validated, and the skeptics had to eat their words.

Marco, in utter disbelief, confronted his ex-wife, only to find her transformed into a new woman. Surrounded by a flock of dashing suitors, Loraine radiated confidence and happiness. Witnessing this scene tore at Marco’s heart, realizing the magnitude of his loss.

Setting aside his pride, Marco sought to win Loraine back. Attempting to appeal to her newfound wealth, he proposed a grand vision of building an empire together. However, Loraine’s reaction was far from what he anticipated. Her eyes narrowed in disgust, her lips curling with contempt, as she rejected his offer outright.

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Read Goodbye, My Love by Axel Bob Online novel
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