The Oracle Paths by Arkinslize

“Oh? I’m courting death you say? Unfortunately for you, death is already my woman…”
Have you ever wished you knew exactly how to make your desires come true? No longer experiencing the least skepticism? being conscious of the impact that every decision, action, and choice has on your future at all times?

The Oracle Paths by Arkinslize
The Oracle Paths by Arkinslize

Jake Wilderth, a hesitant young guy lacking ambition, experienced this. Their fate was altered when a mysterious silver spacecraft appeared out of nowhere and gave every person on Earth a bracelet containing an AI who identified itself as the Oracle.

Jake started to aspire for greatness from a dull, unfulfilling life, walking his path over many people’s dead bodies. What a blessing if he had been the only one to benefit from such a gift! However, he soon understood that no gift is given for free when everyone was made equal to face the future.

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Just an alert. Volume 1 can be thought of as a large prologue and depicts the atmosphere of an Earth that is steadily degenerating into anarchy. It moves slowly and doesn’t offer viewers as much as the website’s more popular tales do. If you can persevere, the effort will be worthwhile. You must wait until chapter 27 for any serious action.

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