The Omega’s Awakening Novel by Dee Gleem

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The Omega’s Awakening Novel Summary.

I am the Omega of my pack, and the Alpha’s son was supposed to be my mate. He didn’t know it because he hasn’t reached 18 yet.

But I couldn’t stand the sight of him being with someone else. So I ran away. Little do they know what I am capable of… For the last two years,

Katelyn has been dreaming of the day when her mate finally turns 18 and they can finally claim each other. However, her world suddenly comes crashing down and her dream is instantly destroyed when the alpha announces that his son (her mate)

has found his future luna and his mate, who is the daughter of a neighboring pack’s alpha. Unfortunately, Katelyn can’t bring herself to say anything. She has kept this a secret for two years and she was waiting for another few months until her mate’s birthday,

but that day is never coming now. She can’t stand seeing her mate with another girl, and she can no longer handle being in her pack. In addition, she can’t let her father know,

since he is the pack’s Beta. What can she do? The only thing that she can think of…. She will keep her secret and run as far away as possible.

The Omega's Awakening Novel by Dee Gleem
The Omega’s Awakening Novel by Dee Gleem

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