The Bad Girl Novel by XmysterysmileX

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The Bad Girl Novel Summary.

Meghan Brooks; typical bad girl. She is confident, sexy and dangerous. Unlike most girls, Meghan is heavily tattooed and loves to cause trouble for anyone she bumps into.

When Meghan gets suspended once again for supplying drugs on school grounds, Meghan has to go to Miami for therapy because of her ‘bad girl habits’ but she immediately says no.

When she hears that the person helping her is a seventeen year old boy named Jake Banks though, she instantly heads off to Miami to not only go to therapy, and be tutored, vgbut to meet the boy.

The only question is: Can Jake help Meghan or will he get sucked into Meghan’s bad girl habits?.

The Bad Girl Novel by XmysterysmileX
The Bad Girl Novel by XmysterysmileX

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