Tempted Away Novel by Siena Sloane

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Tempted Away Novel Summary.

I loved him. The boy with the skinned knees and the dirt-streaked face. I gave him my firsts. I gave him my everything.

Content to float, wrapped in the warm embrace of our vows to love, honor, and cherish.Too focused on the occasional breeze rippling the surface of my tranquillity,

I failed to see the storm clouds boiling on the horizon.By the time I did, it was too late.It took me by surprise, violently plunging me into the murky, muddy depths.

Robbing me of breath. Robbing me of life.In those layers of suffocating, cloying mud, I heard his voice calling.

Calling me to be the Lotus Flower I had always been. Author’s Please note that this book contains infidelity in a marriage.

Tempted Away Novel by Siena Sloane
Tempted Away Novel by Siena Sloane

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