Sins Paradise: Domination System

It was a Virtual Reality MMORPG where players battled other players who shared their classes, monsters, and wealth. The strongest player in Horizon Online, I, killed the final boss and anticipated going home.

However, I was given a bonus stage where I could select any game after defeating the final boss. Without giving it much thought, I picked the Eroge “Sins Paradise”.

Sins Paradise: Domination System
Sins Paradise: Domination System

As the minor antagonist bearing the same name as my character, I entered the Sins Paradise universe. But I didn’t care about that. The dominance system! After meeting the requirements, dominate girls!

Ding! You publicly spanked Eliza Rose’s butt! Your sins have risen by one!

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I would dominate the top girls in the Sins Paradise by utilizing my disproportionate strength, Domination System, and attractive features.

I’ve started my journey toward becoming the King of the world.

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