My Vampire System by JKSManga

When the human Race needed assistance more than ever since they were at battle with the vicious Dalki, THEY started to step forward.

My Vampire System by JKSManga
My Vampire System by JKSManga

People with talents and humans who had spent centuries living in secrecy.

In an effort to win the conflict, some people decided to impart their knowledge to the rest of the world, while others kept their skills to themselves.

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Quinn had lost everything in the war—his house, his loved ones, and everything else—and the only thing he had been left with was a tattered old book that he was unable to even touch.

Quinn was given a method when the book finally started, and his life completely changed.

He increased in strength as he accomplished quest after quest, but one day the system assigned him a task he wasn’t sure he could do.

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