Love Is More Than Words novel by Roxi Tuck

Discover the Heartwrenching Tale of Love and Redemption in “Love Is More Than Words” Novel

Love Is More Than Words Summary

In “Love Is More Than Words” novel, Roxi Tuck weaves a compelling story of love, heartbreak, and second chances. Cassidy, deeply devoted to Franklyn, dedicates five years of her life to building a future with him. However, her world shatters when she learns of his engagement to another woman.

Choosing to mend her broken heart in solitude, Cassidy embarks on a new chapter in a distant place, far from the painful memories of a love unreciprocated. Unbeknownst to her, Franklyn, the enigmatic CEO, embarks on a relentless search for Cassidy, realizing the depth of his mistake and yearning to make amends.

Fate intervenes, and their paths intertwine again, but Cassidy is now accompanied by another man, exuding newfound happiness and radiance. Franklyn, overtaken by remorse, pleads for a second chance, promising to treat her right and provide her with everything she desires. Cassidy, however, resolute in her decision, greets him with a bitter laugh and a scornful demeanor.

The encounter leaves Franklyn shattered, his heart in fragments. Cassidy’s conflicted emotions become evident, and she confronts him with a mix of anger and longing. Can Franklyn convince Cassidy of his true feelings and prove that their love is worth fighting for?

Read “Love Is More Than Words” novel to unveil the compelling journey of Cassidy and Franklyn as they confront the obstacles that threaten their love.

Love Is More Than Words novel by Roxi Tuck
Love Is More Than Words novel by Roxi Tuck

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