Insect Princess From Konoha Novel

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Insect Princess From Konoha Novel Summary

Who truly reigns supreme on Earth?

Is it the humans who assert dominance over all things?

Yet, should bees cease their honey collection, the demise of human civilization would inevitably follow.

Perhaps, in the future, extraterrestrials will arrive. Their focus may not be solely on understanding human society, but certainly, they will scrutinize insect societies.

These diminutive creatures populate every corner of the globe, outnumbering many other biological species.

Their every action reverberates through the delicate balance and prosperity of the world’s ecology.

Functioning as an emissary of the Aburame family, Maki possesses the ability to manipulate genes—copying, transplanting, transforming, and optimizing.

In the realm of ninjas, genes are synonymous with blood succession limits.

“Sa, sense the dread of the swarm.”

I am the embodiment of the swarm.

Insect Princess From Konoha Novel
Insect Princess From Konoha Novel

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