Earth’s Greatest Magus by Avan

They said that the victorious will write history. If so, how about the past of the planet Earth, where we currently reside?

Emery, a little kid, met a horrible end two millennia ago. He was abducted and admitted into the most prominent magic school in the Universe on his final breath.

“You are among the chosen few from thousands of human worlds. Whether you take hold of this opportunity or not, it is up to you. You are at Magus Academy, the peak of humanity’s ingenuity. Magic, science, and might are all available to those who seek them.”

[Scan finished; triple affinity. Darkness, Earth, Plants, and Water.]

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“A quadruple acolyte! Only one in tens of thousand acolytes have this!” So began Emery’s journey with his four pals from the most remote part of the planet. They came back to Earth every year to develop, exact revenge, save the princess, rule the world, and become the greatest magus on Earth.

Earth's Greatest Magus by Avan
Earth’s Greatest Magus by Avan

Even today, we may still find their names in our history books.

The Authors Note

I’ve always found writing fantasy that incorporates historical facts to be fascinating. You’ll find characters in this tale who were influenced by myth and folklore from the actual world. I’m hoping that the reader’s imagination will be stimulated and the cosmos I constructed seem rationally plausible. I’m hoping you like it.

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