Domineering Billionaire’s Maid Novel by Mehaklovely

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Domineering Billionaire’s Maid Novel Summary.

A naive maid who worked for two domineering billionaire brothers was attempting to hide from them because she had heard that if their lustful eyes fell on any woman,

they made her their slave and owned her mind, body, and soul. What if she one day came across them? Who would hire her to serve as his personal maid? Who would control her body? Whose heart would she rule? Who would she fall in love with? Who would she despise?

“Please don’t punish me. I’ll be on time next time. It is just that-“ “If next time you speak without my permission, I’ll shut you up with my shaft.” My eyes enlarge, listening to his words.

“You belong to me, Kitten.” He pounds into me hard and fast, going deeper into me with his every thrust. “I… be…long.. to you, Master…” I’m just moaning insanely, clenching my hands behind my back.

Domineering Billionaire’s Maid Novel by Mehaklovely
Domineering Billionaire’s Maid Novel by Mehaklovely

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