Dimensional Descent by Awespec

The Third Dimension is tumbling down. Ascending via the fourth dimension. Who knew the Earth itself could evolve when at first it seemed just technology would? It wasn’t as straightforward as tectonic movement or climate change. No, the underlying physics principles that underpinned everything were altering.

Leonel had some good fortune. This was the day of the National Championship and his 521st confession to his dream girl, Aina, and his family was moderately well off. His father loved him enough to make him nutrient-rich smoothies every morning. Nothing was more significant than respect and perseverance, as his father used to say.

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Sadly, that evening, everything was altered. The universe overflowed at the after-party of ages, and the end of the world followed.

Awakened abilities. Opening of Sub-Dimensional Zones. Invalids spread like a virus across the globe. A little chance of survival would exist for those who could develop. Those who were unable would perish.

Dimensional Descent by Awespec
Dimensional Descent by Awespec

The dungeon/system genre will be reimagined in this book in a fresh way. The system won’t be a system, and dungeons won’t be dungeons. View this to understand what I mean.

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