Re: Zero – Resurgence Novel

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Re: Zero – Resurgence Novel Summary

In the depths of tragedy, a young boy finds an unexpected twist of fate. Dying from an unknown illness, his journey doesn’t end as expected.

Summoned to the enigmatic Nexus by the Strongest Origin Goddess, he’s offered a chance at a new life. The only price? A mysterious favor for the Goddess. Join him as he starts once again from Zero!

Hikari here! This is a Re: Zero fan-fiction. I had the idea to write one because I noticed there aren’t many fan-fictions of Re: Zero out there (and also because I am a fan of the series). You don’t have to be a fan of Re: Zero to understand this novel. This can also be enjoyed by itself.

At most, I will take characters and some plot points from the original. Other than that, I am going to be writing a novel that’s fresh and entertaining for those who haven’t watched the show and those who have.

Re: Zero - Resurgence Novel
Re: Zero – Resurgence Novel

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