Re: Level 100 Farmer Novel

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Re: Level 100 Farmer Novel Summary

When Li’s level 100 game character is transported to a fantasy world, he realizes he is unstoppable.

But…all he wants to do is be a farmer? Watch as Li tries to maintain his peaceful daily life in a chaotic world full of magic and knights.


Slow Pace: This novel does have a slow pace with things building up piece by piece over time. However, this also means that the further you read, the more connections will begin linking up and the more the story will start building up.

OP MC: The MC in this novel is extremely powerful from the very beginning. If this appeals to you, then check this novel out.

Crafting/Farming Warning: This is a warning to say that if you are looking for a novel that focuses entirely on a crafting system or farming, then I have to say that this novel does eventually move on from the whole farming premise, getting much larger in scope overall.

Re: Level 100 Farmer Novel
Re: Level 100 Farmer Novel

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