Ravished By The Alphas Novel by Aubrey Pepper

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Ravished By The Alphas Novel Summary.

“Valerie.” My head snapped up at the sound of my name. The Alpha was standing by the sofa, unbuttoning the neck of his coat.

“Come,” he said. “We don’t have much time.” Much time? For what? A chill moved up my arms. I wouldn’t dare ask—not that I needed to.

I was not an innocent child anymore. All of my training had been for this moment. There was only one reason why werewolves purchased young, human virgins.

Sex. I was a slave. A pet. And my master could do whatever he pleased with me. When the war started. They fought. They slaughtered.

We were nearly wiped out on the earth. Surviving humans were classified into three categories: free humans, Servants, and Slaves. My name is Valerie Davis.

My parents were accused of committing a crime against the creatures in the war. After their execution, I was captured and sent to the cell as a human slave.

I lived in that cell for years before I was transported to a Slave Shop, where I would be picked by a Master. It was during the dry season when I was put in the display box.

I wasn’t afraid like the other girls, because I was unwanted for my weirdness. I was despised for being the criminals’ daughter.

I was lucky, as the masters wouldn’t want to lay a finger on me. But then the Alpha came. When he looked at me, he said he want me.

Ravished By The Alphas Novel by Aubrey Pepper
Ravished By The Alphas Novel by Aubrey Pepper

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