Ramapo College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Are you looking to know Ramapo College acceptance rate and some other requirements to secure admission into the school?

Ramapo College’s acceptance rate is 66.2%, which is considered high. Although each applicant receives personalized consideration, grades and course preferences are the most crucial deciding factors. 

The Rampo College acceptance rate is 66%, meaning that 66 out of every 100 candidates are accepted. This clarifies how the school chooses its candidates. 

The university has less stringent requirements for your GPA and SAT/ACT scores in contrast to other universities. If you match their eligibility conditions, your chances of being accepted are very good. 

You don’t want to be unprepared while submitting your application because Rampo College accepts applications from all over the world.

Students also must submit the Ramapo College Supplemental Form, the Common Application, the SUNY Application, and the application fee at the time of application. There must be a student essay. 

This article provides in-depth information about the Ramapo College acceptance rate, the SAT and ACT requirements, and other topics.

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What to Know about Ramapo College?

A public liberal arts college in New Jersey, Ramapo College has a 66% acceptance rate. Ramapo College is a good option for students who want the undergraduate focus and individualized attention of a small college without the high cost of a private college.

 It is situated in the town of Mahwah, about 30 miles from New York City. Business Administration, Communication Studies, Nursing, and Psychology are common undergraduate majors.

In addition to professional studies programs like nursing and social work, Ramapo College also provides bachelor’s degrees in the humanities, social and natural sciences, business, and the arts. 

In brief, Master of Social Work (MSW), Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL), Master of Science in Educational Technology (MSET), Master of Arts in Special Education (MASE), Master of Science in Nursing Education (MSN), and a Master of Science in Accounting are the seven master’s degree programs available (MSAC). 

Additionally, the college offers a B.S./M.S. in physician assistant studies and a B.S./D.P.T. in physical therapy through the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, a B.A./M.A. in art therapy through Caldwell University, and a B.S./Doctor of Chiropractic through New York Chiropractic  

Ramapo College of New Jersey received the following rankings: #127 in Public Colleges, #370 in Top Colleges, and #143 in the Northeast. However, Ramapo College was listed by Forbes in 2019 as the #341st best college, the #116th best public college, the #133th best college in the Northeast, and the #206th best college for the money.

What is Ramapo College Acceptance Rate?

Ramapo College achieved a 66% acceptance rate during that cycle. As a result, 66 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making Ramapo’s admissions process tough.

The SAT scores, GPA, and the acceptance rate is the three most important figures to consider when evaluating your prospects of admission. These factors work together to determine the minimum marks needed to get admitted to Ramapo College of New Jersey.

What is Ramapo College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

There were 1287 transfer applications to Ramapo College. 977 pupils were admitted by the school. Ramapo College’s admission percentage for transfers is thus 75.91 percent.

The first thing you should be aware of is that freshman admission rates are higher than transfer acceptance rates at colleges. 

According to NACAC’s 2019 State of College Admission report, transfer students had an average admit rate of 76% compared to freshmen who had an admit rate of 66%.

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Is Ramapo College Hard to Get Into?

67% of applicants are accepted at Ramapo College in New Jersey. Also, in New Jersey, it has the fifth-lowest acceptance rate. However, if you meet the standards, you have a good chance of getting accepted to Ramapo College of New Jersey, which has a fairly demanding admissions process. Out of 7,980 candidates, 5,334 were accepted the previous year. 

The institution has rigorous SAT and ACT admission standards, typically admitting students with scores in the top 48% (SAT 1040/1220, ACT 21/27). 

New Jersey’s Ramapo College normally admits and draws students with average high school grades of “B+” and a GPA of roughly 3.46. Also, most first-year students graduate in the top half of their class. 19% of applicants who were given the option to enroll did so.

Does Rampo College Require Test Scores?

All programs at Ramapo College do not require testing, with the exception of our articulation programs. Please also include on your application if you plan to submit an SAT or ACT score. If you decide not to submit it, we will indeed thoroughly examine your application using all of the submitted papers and other documents. 

Ramapo College SAT Requirements 

The top 53% of SAT test takers are often preferred by Ramapo College of New Jersey when considering candidates. Below 1040 on a scale of 1600, the school routinely accepts SAT composite scores, and admission should be seen as a stretch. 

We predict that some students with SAT scores as low as 950 might be accepted. For freshmen accepted, the average SAT composite score is 1130 out of 1600. 

The highest average SAT composite score at Ramapo College of New Jersey is #9 in the state of New Jersey. Given that 91 percent of candidates submit SAT scores to the school, having a competitive SAT score is essential.

Ramapo College ACT Requirements 

Ramapo College of New Jersey frequently accepts applicants with ACT scores of 21 and above. In addition, successful candidates often submit ACT scores that are in the top 43% of the nation.

 We also believe that in some cases, the minimum ACT composite score accepted by the school is around 18. Applicants with an ACT composite score of 24 or higher should be in the top half of applicants, also those with a score of 27 or higher have excellent odds.

 The school has the ninth-highest average ACT composite score in New Jersey. Ramapo College of New Jersey receives ACT scores from 19% of applicants.  

What are the Admission Requirements of Ramapo College?

Ramapo College maintains a selective admissions procedure that admits two-thirds of candidates. What’s more, you stand a good chance of getting accepted if your SAT/ACT and GPA are within the school’s average limits. 

However, Ramapo has a comprehensive admissions procedure that takes into account elements other than your GPA and test results. 

Furthermore, your candidacy can be strengthened by a compelling application essay, excellent recommendation letters, involvement in noteworthy extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load. 

Even if a student’s grades and test results fall outside of Ramapo’s typical range, they may still be given serious consideration if they have unusually impressive stories or accomplishments.

 Be aware that some courses at Ramapo College are more competitive, such as those in nursing, biology, physical therapy, social work, and BS/MS accounting.

Transfer Requirements for Ramapo College

All mail-in supporting documents should be addressed to: 

Ramapo College of New Jersey Admissions Office 505 Ramapo Valley Road Mahwah, NJ 07430-1680 

  • Application 

Utilizing the Ramapo College website, you can submit an application. Also, a credit card must be on hand to cover the $65 application cost. 

  • Transcripts 

Sending the admissions office official transcripts for all previous college-level coursework is required. If you have attempted fewer than 45 credits, your official high school transcript is also necessary.

  • Form for Transfer Candidates 

Furthermore, to be accepted to Ramapo College, you must have a positive social standing at your former college. Also, ask the dean of students at your previous school to fill out and return the Transfer Candidate’s Form (PDF) to us. 

  • Form for Verifying EOF Transfers (if applying for the EOF Program) 

To be considered for EOF, candidates must submit either an EOF transfer form from your present institution’s EOF office or the EOF Transfer Verification Form. To find out about transfer alternatives, call the EOF Office at 201-684-7542 if you are not currently enrolled in the EOF Program at your current institution. 

  • Recommendation letter 

Applications should include one letter of recommendation from a teacher, school counselor, or other professional.

  • Current Coursework List

 If you are presently enrolled in classes, kindly send along a copy of your schedule or a list of the ones you are taking.

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What GPA Do I Need to Get into Ramapo College?

For admission to New Jersey’s Ramapo College, candidates must have high school GPAs above the national average. Also, a majority of B+ students get accepted and ultimately enroll at Ramapo College of New Jersey based on their average high school GPA, which was 3.46 on a 4.0 scale. 

In New Jersey, the school with the highest average GPA is ranked #10. You have a strong chance of being accepted if your high school GPA satisfies these standards because Ramapo College of New Jersey accepts 67% of applicants.

How to Apply to Ramapo College?

Application deadlines


Spring 2023 Application Deadlines:

December 1 – Deadline for the first year, Readmit and Transfer 


Fall 2023 Application Deadlines:

November 1 – Early Decision First-year

December 15 –  Early-Action First-year, Honors, and Priority Scholarship Deadline; Nursing and Biology

February 1 – Final Regular First-year

March 1 – Transfer Generic Nursing

May 1 – Priority Transfer 

July 1 – Final Transfer


  • A completed application and a non-refundable $65 application fee made out to Ramapo College of New Jersey are required of all applicants. Please make sure to send your application with any waivers of application fees. Before the application cost is paid or a valid application fee waiver is received, no decisions will be given out. 
  • Official transcripts are required from freshmen applicants along with other academic credentials. Transcripts from every college attended must be submitted by transfer students. For all transfer applicants with fewer than 45 college credits, a final high school transcript is necessary. For credits to be transferred to Ramapo College, high school candidates who have earned college credits must provide an authentic college transcript.
  • SAT/ACT TEST RESULTS – Official copies of the SAT and/or ACT test results are required for all freshmen candidates. The Office of Admission must receive an official copy of your SAT/ACT test results by March 1st. SAT code 2884 for Ramapo College. ACT code 2591 for Ramapo College 
  • LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION – Each applicant must include one letter of support from a teacher, school counselor, or other professionals who can vouch for their skills. The letters are not necessarily to follow a specific format.
  • All applicants are required to complete one of the application essays that are provided on the application. Please start your essay by stating your name and birthdate. Essays shouldn’t be more than two pages long. 
  • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND RESIDENCE- In order to match your application to your financial aid information, you must supply your Social Security Number (SSN) if you intend to apply for federal and state financial aid. A copy of your Alien Registration/Green Card (front and back) must be sent with your application if you are a permanent resident. 
  • DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION – Every year, we are required to submit demographic data for our entering class. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us identify your ethnic or racial ancestry as accurately as possible. Please be aware that this data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ramapo College of New Jersey prefer SAT or ACT?

Ramapo College in New Jersey receives SAT scores from 91% of students. 19% of applicants include their ACT results in their application.

What SAT score is required for Ramapo College of New Jersey?

the center SAT scores between 1040 and 1220 are achieved by 50% of admitted candidates. When applying, 91% of students include their SAT results.

What is my chance of getting into Ramapo College of New Jersey?

Admission is granted to 67% of applicants to Ramapo College in New Jersey. There is little rivalry for admission, yet the college has high requirements for admission. Check to see if you have the grades and scores required for admission.

What ACT score is required for Ramapo College of New Jersey?

In the middle 50% of admitted candidates, the ACT score ranges from 21 to 27. 19% of applicants include their ACT scores.

Can I still apply to Ramapo College?

To be taken into consideration, freshman applications MUST be submitted by December 15, 2022, and must be finished by January 3, 2023.


Finally, To be accepted into Rampo College, you must precisely meet the general admission requirements for the qualification you have chosen. If you lack these criteria, you might wish to consider obtaining alternative credentials or, if you do, enrolling in an extended program (see the college entry requirements), which would enable you to register for fewer modules in your first year.


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