Providence College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

Here in this blog post, you will find every detail about Providence College acceptance rate, requirements, and admission status.

Providence College is a global institution that welcomes students from many different countries. 

Since its founding in 1917, the university has provided quality education to its students. 

University graduates make outstanding contributions in many areas of society. 

The College offers a wide range of courses for both graduate and undergraduate students. 

Each course is led by faculty members dedicated to helping students succeed in their chosen path.

Providence College is moderately competitive for admission.

 If you’re looking forward to getting started with PC, you’ll need an average GPA score. So you have to combine A and B. 

Taking AP and IB courses improves your weighted GPA score. If your GPA isn’t likely to improve, you’ll need to work on your SAT scores to get into Providence College.

 Providence College is #1 according to the 2022 edition of Best Colleges in the North by Regional Colleges. 

The tuition fee for this university is up to $55,988. Providence College is located in Providence, Rhode Island. This college is the only one run by a Dominican friar.

Providence College has a Slavian Center, a food court, a snack bar, and more than 100 clubs and societies on campus. 

However, freshmen and sophomores must live on campus in a dormitory.

You can learn more about Providence College admissions, acceptance rates, GPA requirements, and other entrance requirements in this article.

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What to know About PC

With a 48% acceptance rate, Providence College is a private, Catholic institution of higher learning. 

The Dominican Order of Friars is in charge of running Providence College, which is situated northwest of the city’s center in Providence, Rhode Island. 

A four-semester course on western civilization that encompasses history, religion, literature, and philosophy sets Providence College’s curriculum apart. 

Over 87% of Providence College’s students graduate, which is impressive. 

The NCAA Division I Big East Conference is where the Providence College Friars play their intercollegiate athletics.

Do you intend to apply to Providence College? The average SAT/ACT scores and GPAs of students who were admitted are included in the admissions statistics that you should be aware of.

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What is PC Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The acceptance rate at Providence College for the 2018–19 admissions season was 48%. 

This indicates that 48 out of every 100 applicants were accepted, making admission to Providence College tough.

Providence College does not require SAT and ACT scores for admission, despite having a very low acceptance rate. 

About 3,852 undergraduate and 735 graduate students attend Providence College; 58 percent of them are women and 42% are men.

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and other New England, Mid-Atlantic, and other states make up the majority of Providence College’s student body.

Due to the institution’s status as a private Catholic college, roughly one-third of its new students came from Catholic high schools.

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What is PC Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

35.19% of transfer students are accepted by Providence College (PC), which is a competitive rate. 

You must now have a GPA of at least 3.45 to be considered for admission to Providence College (PC); ideally, your GPA will be close to 3.59. 

Additionally, you will be required to provide your test results.

Is Hard to Get into?

Providence has a 48% acceptance rate. Rhode Island has the third-lowest acceptance rate. 

Providence is a more difficult institution to get into, but for those who meet the requirements, there is a decent probability of acceptance. 

Out of 10,817 candidates, 5,826 were accepted last year. 

The institution has extremely strict SAT and ACT admission standards, typically admitting students with scores in the top 19% (SAT 1210/1360 ACT 27/31). 

Providence College typically admits and draws students with a “B+” average or higher and a GPA of roughly 3.47. 

The majority of first-year students graduate in the top 25% of their high school class. 

17% of applicants who were given the option to enroll did so. 

Applications must be submitted by January 15 and have a $65 application fee for Providence.

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Does PC Require Test Scores?

A test-optional standardized testing policy is in place at Providence College. 

SAT or ACT scores are optional for Providence applicants; they are not necessary.

 51% of accepted students who were in the admissions cycle for 2018–19 submitted their SAT results.

According to admissions data, the majority of Providence College’s admitted students score in the top 20% nationally on the SAT. 

These students submitted their scores during the 2018–19 admissions cycle. 

50% of applicants to Providence received scores for the evidence-based reading and writing section between 610 and 670, while 25% received scores below 610 and 25% received scores above 670. 

50% of admitted students received math scores between 600 and 680, 25% received math scores below 600, and 25% received math scores over 680. 

Despite there being no SAT requirement, this information indicates that Providence College would consider applicants with a composite SAT score of 1350 or higher.

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PC SAT Requirements 

Admission to Providence College is not contingent on SAT scores. 

The admissions office will take into account your highest score from each section across all SAT test dates if you decide to submit your scores. 

Providence participates in the score choice program. The SAT essay portion is not required for admission to Providence. 

Be aware that Providence does not review or take SAT Subject test scores into account when deciding whether to admit a student.

A test-optional standardized testing policy is in place at Providence College. 

The school does not ask applicants to submit their SAT or ACT scores.

 17% of accepted students who were in the 2018–19 admissions cycle reported their ACT scores.

According to admissions data, the majority of Providence College’s accepted students score in the top 15% nationwide on the ACT among those who submitted scores during the 2018–19 admissions cycle.

 25% of applicants at Providence had ACT composite scores between 27 and 31, 25% obtained scores above 31, and 25% received scores below 27.

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PC ACT Requirements 

It should be noted that Providence does not require ACT scores for entry. 

Although Providence College will take into account your highest subscores from each part, it does not super score ACT results for students who wish to submit scores. 

The writing portion of the ACT is optional for Providence.

What are the Admission Requirements for

Providence College has a competitive admissions procedure and only admits less than half of the applicants.

 The admissions process at Providence is holistic and test-optional, and the selection of students is based on a lot more than just academic performance. 

Your candidacy can be strengthened by a compelling application essay, excellent recommendation letters, involvement in noteworthy extracurricular activities, and a demanding course load. 

Providence is especially interested in candidates that have a rigorous high school curriculum that includes AP and Honors programs.

Even if a student’s grades and test results fall outside the norm at Providence College, they may still be given significant consideration if they have unusually impressive stories or accomplishments. 

It is evident that the majority of applicants to Providence College had GPAs of 3.3 or above, SAT (ERW+M) scores of at least 1150, and ACT composite scores of at least 24.

Numerous qualified candidates scored high “A” averages. You can benefit from Providence College’s test-optional admissions policy if your SAT or ACT scores fall below the desired range.

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Transfer Requirements for PC

  • Minimum grade: A 3.0 G.P.A. is recommended for applicants wishing to transfer to their PC from other accredited colleges and universities. (scale 4.0) or better in a substantial liberal arts course at your current university.
  • Official Transcript: The admission test requires official high school transcripts and official transcripts from previous post-secondary institutions attended.
  • Test results: Submission of standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) is optional for all students applying for admission.
  • Letter of recommendation: A university official report to be completed by a college or university official is required. Instructor evaluation is not required but recommended. essay: A personal essay is required.
  • Registration fee: $55 non-refundable registration fee.
  • interview: No interview is required for the entrance examination.
  • Other requirements: Course descriptions are required for courses considered for transfer to Providence College. These descriptions can be found in university catalogs or on university websites.

What GPA do you need to get into PC

For the class of 2019 entering freshmen at Providence College, the average high school GPA was 3.48, and over half of those accepted had average GPAs of 3.5 or higher. 

These findings imply that strong B grades are the most common academic profile among Providence College candidates.

According to the College’s 2023 admissions figures, the average high school GPA for incoming freshmen was 3.48, and nearly 50% of those who were accepted had average GPAs of 3.5 or higher. 

These imply that the majority of Providence College candidates who get admitted tend to have excellent B grades. 

Students at Providence College have the chance to administer the campus television station, PCTV, as well as the college’s radio station, WDOM.

 The Princeton Review recognized WDOM as the 11th-best college radio station in the nation in 2011. Since its inception, students have also been in charge of the campus newspaper.

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How to Apply to PC 

PC has a decision rate of 48%, a normal decision rate of 22%, and no early action.

 Even considering the strengths of your profile, applying as an early-decision applicant increases your chances of being accepted into Providence.

 If you have a clue, you can show your devotion to Providence by applying for the ED.

 However, early determination has the following drawbacks: B. Less time to fill out an application, fewer options for financial aid, and the obvious impossibility of trying other colleges if accepted.

 Essay submission is required for admission to Providence. See the General Applications site for possible essay questions.

 No additional essay is required to apply to Providence.

 Each applicant should ideally request a copy of their midterm grades from their supervisor by February 1st.

 Without some kind of senior evaluation, there is no final decision. 

Please study in the advanced class. For students who are not native English speakers or who have completed high school in schools where English is not the first language of instruction, Providence offers a variety of English tests.

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Alternative to PC 

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  • Boston University
  • Fordham University
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  • University of New Hampshire
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Providence College prefer the SAT or the ACT?

47% of students submit their SAT scores to Providence. 20% of applicants submit ACT scores when applying.

 What are my chances of getting into Providence College?

54% of applicants are enrolled in Providence. The competition for admission is low and the university’s admission standards are very high. Check if your grades and grades are good enough for admission.

 What SAT scores are required for Providence College?

The middle 50% of admitted applicants have SAT scores between 1210 and 1360. 47% of students submit their SAT scores when applying. Check if your SAT score is good enough for admission.

 What ACT score do I need for Providence College?

The middle 50% of admitted applicants have ACT scores between 27 and 31. 20% of students submit ACT scores when applying. Check if your ACT score is good enough for admission.


The Common Application and other materials, along with the $65 application fee, must be submitted by prospective students to Providence College. 

Students can use their credit card or an e-check to pay the application fee. Requests for application fee waivers can be made by applicants through their college counselor.

Knowing all these we hope you are accepted to study in providence college. See you there!


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