Prisioner In Your Arms Novel by LeaFaes

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel, Prisioner In Your Arms by LeaFaes.

Prisioner In Your Arms Novel Summary.

Nicole Williams is a good girl, an 18-year-old college student. She is deceived by her sister during a party to enter the room of a mysterious man.

Her sister didn’t expect that she would end up in the wrong room. After being exposed in her passionate night in national newspapers, she is forced to marry that man,

who will make her suffer unimaginably. Bruno Leone is a multimillionaire CEO, an attractive man in his early 30s. After being betrayed by a woman with his own brother, he became bitter.

Unintentionally, he spends a night with Nicole while in a drunken state from a drink he was given. His father forces him to marry the girl, and he thinks she planned it all.

Therefore, he decides to make her regret what she did, enjoying making her suffer. He never thought he would end up loving her. Will Nicole be able to forgive him after all the harm he caused?.

Prisioner In Your Arms Novel by LeaFaes
Prisioner In Your Arms Novel by LeaFaes

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