Princess Charlotte Novel by Sannie

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Princess Charlotte Novel Summary.

My princess, please don’t do this, it’s dangerous, we can think of something else,” Decy begged. ” There is nothing more I can do but this Decy,

I can’t take things lying down. If I’ll have to meet the bear, so be it, but right now, I’ve got to do this, don’t try to stop me anymore.

Please take care of yourself,” Princess Charlotte said before she glanced out of the window. The once bright night filled with stars suddenly turned dark, heavy clouds hanging dangerously on the sky.

Lightning struck as Charlotte climbed up the window and held the cloth her maid had helped her tie all the way down.

The white piece of cloth had loosely touched the ground from the second floor. Decy held her heart, frightened for the Princess.

Once a delicate princess had to escape like a thief. She shook her head in pain, but maybe it was for the best. Charlotte gave her one last glance before she slowly descended the rope.

Decy glanced around, praying that the guards wouldn’t spot the Princess. It would only result into her death, but she would gladly die for her princess.

Princess Charlotte Novel by Sannie
Princess Charlotte Novel by Sannie

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