Primeval Anomaly Novel

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Primeval Anomaly Novel Summary

Felix trudged through the VR game “Etheria” for 7 years with his joke of an “SSS” rank ‘initial talent’, “Eternal Scribe” – The talent’s only use for him was to remember everything, just a higher level of photographic memory.

Life had its highs and lows but he fought through trying to leave his mark but what was thought to be a mere VR world, left a deep, irreversible mark on the real World instead, the two worlds converged.

Chaos ensued, people were granted powers from their “Game Characters” and brought to the frontlines to defend what was left of humanity. Eric was naturally there, trying to survive but alas two years after the Convergence he succumbed and died.

(The novel will have a lot of adventuring, a lot of smut, minimal guild wars and a very OP MC who is not an idiot. If you like the combo then consider giving it a try.

Primeval Anomaly Novel
Primeval Anomaly Novel

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