Plump, Hated, And Bullied Novel by Cha Cha

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Plump, Hated, And Bullied Novel Summary.

“You don’t say no to me, Lilian. You’re my property. You belong to me!” His voice is calm, yet the scariest she ever heard, and she shivers on the spot as she stares at the dangerous and scary man in front of her.

How she suddenly end up here in a lion’s den and there’s no hope of escaping, is what she never imagined. She has always known her stepmother to hate her, but she never imagined that she’ll go to the extreme length of doing this to her.

“Re… Ren… Don’t touch me…” Her voice quivers as she presses her back further into the wall, tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably.

“I beg you, please… Leave me alone,” She suddenly falls to her knees when her legs can’t carry her anymore, and he rolls his eyes momentarily.

“I’ll spare you tonight, Lilian… Not because of your pleas, but because I am in a good mood. When next I want you…” He pauses as he squats in front of her.

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“I’ll torture you until you can’t take it anymore and beg me to f*ck you so hard, Lilian. I’ll make you hit orgasms five times in a row, and I promise that by the time I’m done with you,

you’ll never remain the same again,” He whispers against her ear as a dirty smirk plays at the corner of his lips.

Plump, Hated, And Bullied Novel by Cha Cha
Plump, Hated, And Bullied Novel by Cha Cha

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