Please Marry Me Novel by Mazneen

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Please Marry Me Novel Summary.

On the day that was meant to be the happiest day of her life. It became an unrealistic dream when she found out her best friend was the bride her fiancee was getting married to.

To control the embarrassment and to avoid being disgraced, Ivy picked a man from the congregation and got married to him. Unknown to her, she picked the country’s wealthiest bachelor.

Dillon was shocked when the broken Ivy singled her out of the congregation. Not knowing how to reject the broken woman, he agreed to get married to her.

Ivy was shocked when she found out the man she got married to was the country’s billionaire and decided to run away but will it be successful?

Dillon’s mother already picked a bride for him, what will she do when she gets to know her son is entangled with a poor woman?

Please Marry Me Novel by Mazneen
Please Marry Me Novel by Mazneen

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