Play Boy Trapped Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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Play Boy Trapped Novel Summary.

Veronica leaves the village to the city to find greener pasture, leaving behind her childhood lover, Edu.

Weeks after she arrives the big City of Enugu she meets with an old time friend who suddenly introduces her to work in a company owned by a drug lord, Charles.

Charles is Edu’s older brother who went missing ten years after he was born. He has become a kingpin and widely feared in the city and beyond.

Veronica finds herself in-between accepting the dangerous billionaire Charles or facing death.

She has to confide in Edu who suddenly realizes that Charles is his long lost older brother. Desperate to live large Edu decides to trade his love for Veronica to get his brother to help him.

Charles who has refused to go home to see his sick mother is lured home by Veronica who promises to marry him if he would visit home.

Charles’s love for Veronica prompts him to lead a new life and this does not go down well for Edu who has decided to become like his older brother. He tries to fight Charles and retake his childhood lover but.

Play Boy Trapped Novel by Obiechinna Martins
Play Boy Trapped Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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