Pet King PK by Jie Po

Pet King PK is a novel that revolves around a young man named Qin Fen, who is a college student and a game addict. 

Summary of Pet King PK

On his phone, he downloads a brand-new game called “Pet Go,” in which players can capture magical pets and use them in combat. Soon, Qin Fen learns that he can talk to his animals and that they can also talk to one another.

In order to assist clients and find solutions to their problems, Qin Fen decides to open a pet store in the real world. 

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Pet King PK by Jie Po
Pet King PK by Jie Po

Along the way, he meets interesting characters, including a young girl who can communicate with plants and animals.  

As his pet shop grows in popularity, he faces new challenges and discovers the true potential of his magical pets. With over 1,800 chapters, it takes readers on a wild journey full of adventure, humor, and heart.

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