Pervert’s Guiding System Novel

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Pervert’s Guiding System Novel Summary

This is the story a lady with the perverted mind was chosen to become a system to guide perverts.

As the system upgrades the woman will have a chance to be born as normal being with her system that is still herself.

The host can be a pervert, slut, bitch, whore, exhibitionist, cuck, trap, sissy AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU COULD IMAGINE…..

An orphan from an orphanage came into the society at the age of 18,

For some strange reason she always sees and thinks of perverted thing in her life and everything she perceives around.

Also she was never satisfied with her husband.

Her entire life is spent but she never committed any single act of perversion physically.

But in her mind and imagination she became the biggest pervert.

Finally, she passed away with regret.

Pervert's Guiding System Novel
Pervert’s Guiding System Novel

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