Perfect Lie Novel by Antonya

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Perfect Lie Novel Summary.

He screamed in despair, furious about the small clause in Müller’s will (marriage) that had halted what was already destined,

after waiting two years to determine who would be the owner of everything. Adal Müller had to desperately search for the perfect candidate who could help him achieve his goal of

“completely obtaining the inheritance.” With great desperation, he asked his secretary to marry him, assuring her that it would be temporary.

However, she refused and confessed that she would marry her boyfriend and was not interested in his lucrative proposal.

But all was not lost, as she came up with the great idea of introducing him to a friend who would be willing to accept his proposal in exchange for money.

Who is she? Who is Gisela Fischer? Would she accept to marry the great magnate Adal Müller? The secretary continued to sweet talk him,

promising that her friend would accept and that both would win; one would gain the entire inheritance and the other would receive the extra money she needed.”

Perfect Lie Novel by Antonya
Perfect Lie Novel by Antonya

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