Perfect Chemistry Novel by Zaynab

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Perfect Chemistry Novel Summary.

She is perfect in her own world. Bossy in her own way. Lonely in her comfort zone. That is her, Ashley Richard.

A daughter to a multi millionaire business tycoon, with a spirit of class and elegance. She believes her life belongs to no one and no one has to know anything about her.

Being bold and bossy, are the two things she chose for her life. But when a sub worker was assigned to be her bodyguard and has to be with her all the time.

Will Ashley be able to keep up with him, while he’s hell bent on breaking those walls of hers. Neil Roberts. A defiant and humorous guy.

Has the aura of getting people attached to him with his ambiance and carefree personality. He is a simple guy who isn’t bothered by lavishing things.

What if the daughter he was entrusted to keep an eye on, was keen on rendering his simple life tough with her solipsistic personality.

Will he be able to break her out of the lonesome shell. Both have a different meaning of life but there’s something beneath them that both didn’t know,

will change their lives in a good positive way. A one kind of love story with a mixture of resentment, longing and a touch of shielding.

Perfect Chemistry Novel by Zaynab
Perfect Chemistry Novel by Zaynab

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