Peerless Master God Novel by Yun Yang Wu Tian

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Peerless Master God Novel Summary.

At the edge of the mountain, only can hear a person scolding Liu Yiheng coldly: “You are the biggest burden of Liu family. If I were you, I would have died.” Standing opposite them is a boy who looks fifteen years old.

He is thin with beautiful features, and has big eyes with stubbornness and perseverance. This man is just the waste in their mouth – Liu Yiheng, who was unable to cultivate since childhood.

Of course, he is famous in Qing Ling City, but his reputation is all negative! Except for the patriarch of the Yang family and his fourth uncle, other people have no kinship towards him. Facing this title, Liu Yiheng has no way to refute it. But he never give up.

He believes that one day he would succeed in cultivation. But he still jumps from the cliff under the pursuit of his relatives, which lets him open his own secret.

It turns out that he is not unable to cultivate, but because of the power of the spirit vein is so strong that he cannot cultivate directly. He will make everyone who bullied him regret.

Peerless Master God Novel by Yun Yang Wu Tian
Peerless Master God Novel by Yun Yang Wu Tian

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