Passion For Revenge Novel by Happy Ebi

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Passion For Revenge Novel Summary.

“Fuck, I can smell your arousal___I know you want me as much I as want you, so do not defy me!” Yes, I was aroused by this man, by my mate, but it was the first time for me, I was scared.

“ You are still untouched?” “ Yes, I have never even been kissed before,” He groaned at my answer. Abigail Monroe was reduced to a pack slave after her parents were sentenced to death as traitors of the Glow Star pack,

she underwent torture and pains at the hands of her pack, but on that faithful day her wolf Shira smelt their mate, an arrogant, possessive, and wealthy Alpha of the biggest pack in the country,

Abigail feared rejection at his hand, nonetheless, she was unexpectedly accepted by him, and even against all odds he carried her out of that hell of a pack and brought her back to his pack,

the Outlaw pack where Abigail is loved by only a few people. When she believes the Moon Goddess has finally shone light upon her life, yet maligned fate ensures that love turns to dust and is snatched away from her, leaving her in a world of dilemma once more.

Abigail embarks on a mission to get revenge on everyone responsible for the ruination of her life, both old and new adversaries must get a taste of their own medicine in this journey for the passion of Revenge.

Passion For Revenge Novel by Happy Ebi
Passion For Revenge Novel by Happy Ebi

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